Tripods – Pay Now Or Pay Later

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Guest Post by Levi Sim – Follow Levi on Twitter I’ve heard it said, “The poor man pays twice,” and this is especially true applied to tripods. If you’re like me, you’r…
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2 thoughts on “Tripods – Pay Now Or Pay Later

  1. I use a tripod when possible. One thing I have to learn is using a tripod for photographing birds. It seems that birds move around too much to track on a tripod. Maybe I am “doing it wrong”…? I use a pistol grip ball head, but tracking a bird flitting around a feeder is tough.

    • I sometimes shoot a 70-300 / 70-200 handheld for birds. Even with stabilization the results usually end up better with a monopod. When shooting with larger lenses and adding the crop factor of an APS-C sensor a tripod is by far a superior tool. With a good ball head or gimbal head you should quickly get used to tracking and shooting birds using a tripod. The quality of the head is as important of an investment as the tripod itself.

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